4 weeks

‘4 weeks’ is a project in which you get to experience the amount of trash that a single, Dutch household produces within 4 weeks.

The goal for this project is to showcase the amount of trash we, as a developed society, truly produce. Rather than having it tucked away in trash bags, 4 weeks opens your eyes to the true amount of trash that we produce.

The inspiration

A picture made in the Goffertpark

The inspiration

I always felt as if the Netherlands was quite progressive when it comes to the amount of trash that we produce and recycle. However, after doing research and rummaging through my own trash at home, I realised that we produce a lot more trash than I could’ve ever imagined. Why did I never notice this before?

I had asked a friend to do the same: take a guess over how much trash you think you produce and after doing so, empty your trash can and compare. She was absolutely shocked! Why did she never notice this before?

For this short project, I decided to take a 4 weeks worth of trash and tape it all to the walls of a small room. In this way, you can’t really ignore the trash around you and you HAVE to think about the amount.

With this project, I hope that people realise how much they are actually throwing away.

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