Lotte Luna Meeuse

Lotte (Nijmegen, 26-11-2000) is currently studying Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam.

In 2022, she graduated cum laude from the st. Joost school of Art and Design, where she studied New Design & Attitudes (formerly known as Graphic- and Spatial Design).

In July 2022, she won the Lucasprijs for her graduation project ‘Hypersaline’.

In September 2022, Lotte started studying the pre-master Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, from which she graduated in January 2023.

Her main focus lies on sustainability and finding ways in which we, as a modern day society, can live in harmony with our planet.

‘I have always felt very strongly when it comes to sustainability and taking care of our planet. I try to be as climate-friendly as I possibly can, especially when it comes to my work. I feel like as a designer you should always aspire to make the world a little better with every design that you create. I hope that this is something I can continue to do.’

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