‘Hypersaline’ won the 2022 Lucasprijs, an award that is awarded yearly by the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch to the best graduation project of that year. The jury praised Lotte for her goal to achieve social and environmental impact, for her convincing presentation and the extensive process in which she has built both national and international relationships.

‘Lotte takes a committed look at our world and how we can make it sustainable by using salt, a natural material that threatens our environment on the one hand and can be a salvation on the other.’

The jury: René Bosma, Dennis Elbers & Lobke Broos

For my Graduation project, I researched the possibilities to use the wasted salt from desalination plants as a natural and sustainable building material. For this project, I made a booklet to showcase the project and all the steps I’ve taken to conclude that salt can indeed be used as a building material. You can view and download the booklet below.

Below that, you will find photo’s of ornaments that I made from the hypersaline building material. These ornaments were made to showcase how beautiful the material can be.

The salt ornaments during the NOW SHOW exhibition
Presenting Hypersaline to the jury of the Lucasprijs
Very happy and grateful!
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